Graphic design, Product Launches & Promotions

Put our graphic design and marketing expertise to work for your product launches, product promotions, events and trade shows.

Zarza Creative Works is like having a creative swat team on call ready to help you at a moments notice. We are here to lend you a creative hand with our years of experience in graphic design, art direction, new product launches and all kinds of product promotions from pixel to print. It really makes a difference when you use a professional graphic designer to give your trade show booth, advertising, website and social media graphics a look that is a cut above the rest. We help large and small companies present their products and services in the best possible way online, at trade shows, and in print advertising. 

Neodent hired us to help make their debut in the US market with their dental implants. After a successful roll out we are now helping them introduce their newest product line Acqua. They used our graphic design services for trade show booth design, print advertising, online banner ads, and patient information posters. When it comes to graphic design and print production we get each project to press without a hitch. 




Years of experience with design, photo retouching with PhotoShop along with a thorough knowledge of web and print production is why our clients are confident things will go smoothly when we are on the job. 


Trade show pop-up banner.


Dental product promotion -- print advertising.

Trade show booth design for product launch and product promotion.

New product trade show promotion. Trade show booth design, podium and banner design.

Two page print ad. Print advertising design.

Two page trade ad for dental trade magazines. Neodent first hired us to help with their US launch. We rolled out their products in the US using purple and other brand elements from Neodent in South America. This was before the lauch of the new flag ship product -- Acqua.


Social media graphics for posts on FaceBook, LinkedIn and G+ pages.

Social media graphics for posts on FaceBook, LinkedIn and G+ pages.

Graphic design for social media posts. Make a social media post for each selling point.

We translated each major selling point into a graphic for posting on social media.

Social media designer. Social Media Graphics

Translating product brand and selling points from print design to social media.

Social media graphic design that used strategy and best design practices.

Graphic design and copy points used in print and social media for effective product positioning.


An experienced graphic designer knows how to maintain the brand integrity while designing marketing materials across a wide range of media. It is essential to be well versed in marketing communications and brand management. Whether we are the originators of the visual branding design or working with an established brand we are always careful to maintain the essence of the brand.


Patient information poster design. It is a good idea for a company that sells to dentists to provide marketing materials to the dental offices. This takes some of the burden off of the dentists when it comes to patient education. The free marketing materials can also be a great way to for the sales reps to break the ice with new customers.