3D Mailers Direct Mail Packages


Pizzeria Uno Anniversary Promotion

60 Years and Still Hot! Not only are they still hot so was the pizza in the box that was hand delivered to media people all over the Chicago area. We were honored to be chosen by one of the nations largest and best PR Agencies to help with the concept and design of this unique promotion. Everyone involved had a good time. Who doesn't love pizza?   annies

Annie's Chedder Bunnies Press Kit and Promo

Our friends in the PR industry asked us to help them introduce a new food product. We created this box mailer, with a brochure and a free sample of the tasty little rabbits. These bunnies are competing head to head with a little gold fish we all know. We had this off-the-shelf box silk screened with a wallpaper pattern of little rabbits and bunnies. What's smarter a rabbit or a fish? Of course Annie's products are all natural and feature much healthier ingredients than the competing snacks. The brochure featured a large section of really silly rabbit jokes, why not?After all the smarter, healthier choice makes them -- wise crackers.